Frontier Systems fully understands the impact and cost that a network problem or fault can have on a business.

Through our own support facility and under our own control, we offer an unparalleled quality of flexible contracted and ad-hoc expert maintenance services.

In order to support complex network infrastructures, our technical staff understand many aspects of IT environments, from LAN protocols to applications, from WAN protocols and carrier services to LAN operating systems and the products themselves.

We provide Remote Support, a 24-hour telephone and remote support service through a single, central number - The first line of support for a Frontier Systems customer.

Once a fault call is logged, an engineer is assigned and the structured process of fault diagnosis and fix begins. Significantly, this engineer will not be a helpdesk generalist, as is often the case in support organisations, but will be one of our skilled engineers or consultants who are specialised in the products in question.

We are told by our customers that this provides a far better level of service than is achieved in many organisations, since they are able to talk straight away with someone who understands their issues and can act accordingly, rather than being forced to talk to a frustrating 'shield' behind which the 'real' experts sometimes hide.


Frontier Systems focuses very much on a pragmatic approach to our consultancy services. Our consultants are not just theorists, they are practical too, each being fully trained, vastly experienced and personally active in the design, implementation and support of the solutions we offer. We are thus able to bring both theory and practice to bear in the services we provide.

Frontier Systems provides a range of independent consulting services that, on their own, address individual requirements but in conjunction with our other services, encompass all elements of a project life-cycle. Of course, every requirement is different hence in addition to our standard consultancy services, we also offer bespoke consultancy services to perfectly address any particular requirement.

Case Studies

We are building a library of case studies to illustrate how well we achieve our goals of reliable, effortless computing at an affordable price.

In the meantime, contact us using the online enquiry form, telephone number or e-mail address to hear what we can do for your business.