• We strive to provide the best expert and cost-effective solutions to IT and communication issues.
  • We help businesses improve customer service through voice and data technology.
  • We believe in an uncomplicated, clear and simple way of working allowing flexibility and agility in our approach.

Frontier Systems provides a number of IT services to businesses located in UK and Europe.

We are a system support, development and IT consultancy company based in central London. We provide fully managed support services for companies in the UK and across Europe for systems we have designed and implemented as well as those provided by third parties.

Founded in 1998, our current clients are diverse in size and line of business. We achieve unrivalled customer satisfaction from clients in news and market data services, regional and national Government departments, veterinary practices, architecture, call centre solutions, professional printing and several global Venture Capital fund managers. We are a close knit team of specialists with a drive for providing excellent support and a passion for resolving our clients' IT challenges. The hard work of our young and motivated team speaks volumes for us and we continue to develop our client base in both public and private sectors.

The solutions we provide range from helpdesk support, to designing and implementing dedicated Virtual Private Networks that allow increased communication between separate offices and other organisations.

Frontier has, over the last six years, amassed a considerable amount of knowledge in a wide range of professions. We have supplied consultancy services and bespoke software to such diverse businesses ranging from Private Equity to the NHS.

Frontier is not tied to any particular manufacturer or brand of hardware. Therefore, when we recommend any form of computer equipment you can be assured that we have your best business interests in mind. As part of our single source supply philosophy quotes for hardware and software licensing are always competitive.

Frontier has expanded its range of service over the last six years to cater for the ever changing Information Technology market place. We place particular emphasis on providing a high quality of service to our clients. This coupled with a strong desire for our clients to realise immediate benefits means that we offer reliable solutions, responsively. We understand that no two clients are alike and for this reason, all our solutions are tailored to individual needs.

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