We have built a successful relationship with Reuters, designing, developing, integrating and supporting their customer targeted online games portfolio for the last 7 years. Some of the highlights over the past 12 months alone include:


Motor racing heaven! Enter your teams and rev up your engines for the Reuters fantasy grand prix game. Choose three drivers, an engine and a chassis without spending more than ten million bucks and see how you score as the 2006 F1 season unfolds. You can also hold mini-leagues that show how your team compares against those of your mates. Frontier has developed Chicane for Reuters for the last 7 seasons and is among the prize sponsors this season.

Spot Euro: European Champions League

A quick fire prediction game based on the European Champions League. Reuters needed a game that was quick and simple to play, but exciting enough to hold the interest of the players over the duration of the season-long tournament.

Net Result: English Premiership Fantasy Football

Fantasy football game following the Premiership. Apart from providing some light relief for our programmers, this application was developed to a tight brief with a very short time-scale. Developed using Asp and SQL Server.

Golden Goals: World Cup Germany 2006

Reuters challenged us to come up with a game that reflects the excitement of the football World Cup that appeals to both avid fans and casual followers alike. A runaway success, the Golden Goals players are already asking about Golden Goals: Euro 2008!

Price Predict

A brand new concept for the Reuters online games portfolio, players make their predictions on the movement of key market areas and are awarded points according to the size of their spread. The games are aimed at those who might have limited interests in sporting events, but still enjoy the buzz of stiff competition.