Frontier Systems developed the CVC website which covers the latest investment news and advisor profiles. Frontier continues to manage the site on behalf of CVC Capital Partners.


CVCLP is CVC’s own secure investment reporting website developed bespoke by Frontier Systems.

We designed the site for CVCLP Users to view and download documents relating to their investments. Since its launch 3 years ago, the site has grown as a resource not only for investors but also for employees of CVC Capital Partners. Originally the site contained only PDF files, but now it offers media files also including Flash, audio and video.

It is the most convenient, efficient and cost-effective method of distributing confidential investment information. It is quick, secure and most importantly, reliable.

The site is administered by Frontier’s dedicated database management team, who prepare and upload the documents and deal directly with the CVCLP Users, guiding them through the site. The CVCLP User always gets an effective, prompt, personal and courteous service from Frontier Systems.


Utilising a mixture of Microsoft .Net and SQL Server technologies to produce a web based investment management system. The system was developed to help Private Equity companies keep track of their investments and deal workflow. It supports secure data entry and restricted views. Specified and tested by one of the biggest players in venture capital, CVC CRM has been developed from scratch and is designed to be as flexible as possible. Almost every aspect of the investment management is covered by this package. Our aim is to make it a readily customisable system for any company managing private equity / venture capital funds.

European Wide VPN

Tasked to replace an existing WAN throughout Europe, with a resilient yet cost effective solution requiring a working knowledge of leading edge IP technology and network hardware. This knowledge has allowed Frontier to implement a VPN incrementally across 10 European cities that has improved connectivity, eased management and saved money.